Graphic Designers Make the World a More Beautiful Place


Carlos Vazquez

Did you ever buy something because you liked the packaging? Did the label on a bottle of beer ever make you think it might taste really good?

That’s the influence of graphic design.

Graphic designers tell stories, make impressions and things easy to recognize. They do this with colors, lines and shapes, as well as illustrations, photographs and typefaces.

They transform the ordinary into the striking, the boring into the fascinating and make complicated things seem simple.

It’s designers that make taking an iPhone out of its box seem less like opening a package and more like unveiling a work of art. They make sure that your cross trainers can instantly be ID’ed as Nikes just from the footprints you leave in the sand. Sure, they create logos, brochures, websites and the interfaces of your favorite apps. But, they can also make toys, develop the title sequence for the next Avengers flick and create the graphics that will cover a fleet of planes that fly to all ends of the earth.

Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center design grad Jenny Shores’ first job out of school was for fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

"On a day-to-day basis, sometimes I'll look for inspiration... then I'll check with my Art Director and we decide on a direction for a t-shirt package and then I'll start artwork. ...I'll start painting or jump on the computer and do type layouts."

"We do pretty much anything in the stores that has a graphic on it. Graphic tees, fleece tops, fleece bottoms... even if there is a graphic on the pocket or the inside of the jeans, we do the graphics for that."

"I work with a team of about six people and we kind of bounce ideas off of each other. The lifestyle... is really laid-back. We're here in jeans and t-shirts every day. Everyone one here works extremely hard but we have a really great time. It's kind of like a designers' playground."

In the video below she describes what her workday is like, the cool projects she takes on, and the tools she works with.

Maybe you’re a visual thinker who craves order. Perhaps you’re the kind of person that looks at a set of instructions and intuitively knows how they could have been easier to follow. Then again, maybe you just think that everything can be made more simple, elegant and beautiful.

Graphic design will let you do all that and more. “Making the world a more beautiful place,” can be your job description.


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